Yes! Huan allows you to add multiple owners that can see your pet on the map and check its location, as well as receive alerts when they are detected while missing. 

**To invite another Huan user and make them a co-owner:**

Navigate to the 'My Pets' page, and tap on the 'Edit' icon next to your pets' name.

Tap on 'Add Owner' button. The app will generate a unique 4 digit code that you can share with the person you'd like to add as an owner.

**To become a co-owner after you've received a code:**

First, Install the Huan App on your phone if you haven't already by tapping on this link:

**[Install the Huan App](**

Launch the app, login and navigate to the 'My Pets' screen. Then, tap the 'Add Pet' button, and select 'Become a co-owner'. Enter the code you received, and tap on 'Verify'.

There's no need to add the pet info multiple times - the details will automatically be synchronized between all owners.
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