How does Huan work?

Huan is a nationwide network that connects pets and their owners. It is designed to be widespread and accessible to all.  All Huan users are working together to protect each others' pets. Huan owners actively protect all Huan pets around them, even if their phone is in their purse or pocket.

Huan Tags are small, wearable Smart Pet Tags that transmit a signal every few seconds. The signal can be detected by any smartphone with the Huan app.

 The Huan Network is augmented by Huan Sensors, which are deployed in public, street-facing locations. Designed to quickly detect missing pets, these sensors are on 24/7, always listening for signals.

 In addition to these Huan Sensors, The Huan Network has Mobile Pet Sensors, which are deployed in cars driving around town, further extending the coverage.

 The Huan app wakes up whenever a new signal is received, checking to see if the signal originated from a missing pet.

 If the pet is far away from home and their owners are not nearby, Huan will alert the owners with their pets location, and display the updated marker on the map, allowing both finder and owner to communicate in order to make sure the missing pet does not get away.


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