What happens if my pet is missing or lost?

Huan is designed to detect missing pets automatically.

Huan calculates the distance and time that has passed since your pet was last "seen" by the network, and can eliminate false alarms by keeping track of friendly users such as dog walkers who will pick your pet up from your home, even if they are not registered as co-owners. 

Will Huan Alert me if my pet escapes and I'm not home?

It's every pet parents' worst nightmare... What if something happens and I'm not there to prevent it? Even worse, you may not even know your pet has gone missing for hours!

If you're away from home or from your pet and they escape, Huan will alert you as soon as they're detected by another Huan user. There is no need to mark them as "lost" since the system knows they've been detected away from home and away from you.

My pet just ran away! Can I mark them as lost? What do I do?

Don't panic! Huan allows you to mark your pet as 'Lost' right from the app. Simply tap the little arrow icon right under your pets' name to expand the Pet Info area and mark them as lost:


Once you've marked your pet as 'Lost', they will automatically show up on the map system-wide, and their last reported location will be visible to all Huan users. In addition, Huan will alert all other users in your community that your pet has been marked as 'Lost', letting them know they should be on the lookout. 



In addition, users can contact you by clicking on your pets' marker and selecting 'Contact Owners'. When they are detected, you will be immediately notified and your pets' location on the map will be updated in real-time. 

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