Are Huan Tags GPS Trackers?

Huan Tags are not GPS trackers - which provides several benefits:

  1. Safety - Huan Tags do not emit harmful radiation, and can be safely used by animals.
  2. Battery Life - Huan Tags can last up to a year on a single, replaceable coin-cell battery, with no need to recharge frequently. 
  3. Size - Small and lightweight, can be worn by tiny dogs and cats without being bulky.
  4. Price - GPS Trackers are expensive, and usually require a costly monthly service subscription.
  5. Design - Since there's no need for a bulky case, Huan Tags are sleeker and smaller!
  6. Usability - GPS trackers depend on a cellular signal to operate properly. Huan Tags can be detected by the Huan App even in areas with limited or no reception. 

At Huan, we firmly believe that there is no need to track your pets' every movement, instead focusing on providing a service that is there when you need it the most.

When using GPS trackers, poor battery life and constant recharging, cell service, expensive subscriptions and general usability are all factors that can cause human error and turn an otherwise great product into a hassle.


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