Replacing the Battery

Where do I get replacement batteries?

Huan tag batteries are generic coin-type batteries and can be purchased in most grocery/convenience stores or even gas stations.

  1. Huan Classic/Hang batteries on Amazon (CR2032)
  2. Tiny Huan batteries on Amazon (CR1632)

When should I replace the batteries?

Standard Huan tag batteries usually last up to a year. Tiny Huan tags are much smaller and the batteries last about 2 to 3 months.

As a general rule, if your Huan app is saying "No signal", it's time to replace the batteries in your tag! Our in-app battery level meter is a useful tool in determining your current battery status - however, in some rare cases, the battery may fail prematurely, so it's a good idea to have a spare battery on hand, just in case.

Your Huan App will notify you when your Huan Tags' battery is critically low, and you should replace it:


You can check the exact battery percentage by going into your pet profile (tap the 'Edit' button). The 'Tag Info' box will contain the most recent battery information as received from the tag.


Replacing the battery is easy - please follow these instructions to replace the battery inside your Huan Tags (scroll down for Tiny Huan instructions)

Replacing the battery in your Huan Tags

NOTE: Huan Tags use CR2032 coin cell batteries.

To replace the battery, take the plastic casing out of the silicon sleeve, and pop it open. You will see a small indentation on the side which makes the two plastic halves easy to separate.


You will see the battery holder which contains the battery itself - simply slide the battery out and replace it with a brand new battery.


Make sure you slide the new battery in using the same direction as the previous battery to preserve polarity and ensure correct operation. 


Carefully place the tag back inside the case, and align the top and bottom parts until you can press them shut.


Turn your tag on after replacing the battery by pressing it for 5 seconds:


 That's it! Your tag should be back online. 

Replacing the battery in your Tiny Huan Tag

NOTE: Tiny Huan Tags use CR1632 coin cell batteries.

Take your tag out of the Silicon Sleeve:


Note the small grooves in the plastic shell - use your nails to gently separate both halves and open the tag. Careful - the battery will fall out as the case is holding it in place. 


Place the battery gently on the contacts. Make sure to place the positive (+) side facing upwards.


Carefully place the plastic case on top of the battery, and make sure to align both halves of the case so that the grooves are facing each other. Gently snap the case shut (don't apply too much pressure, the case should snap shut easily. If you can't shut it easily, open the case and try again).


That's it! Insert the plastic tag into the Silicon Sleeve, and attach it to your pets' collar once again. 


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