Can Huan Pets have multiple owners?


Yes! Huan allows you to add multiple owners that can see your pet on the map and check its location, as well as receive alerts when they are detected while missing. 

To invite another Huan user and make them a co-owner: 


Tap on 'Add Owner' button. The app will generate a unique 4 digit code that you can share with the person you'd like to add as an owner.



To become a co-owner after you've received a code:

Install the Huan App

Launch the app, login and navigate to the 'My Pets' screen. Then, tap the 'Add Pet' button, and select 'Become a co-owner'. Enter the code you received, and tap on 'Verify'.



There's no need to add the pet info multiple times - the details will automatically be synchronized between all owners.

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