Huan Sensor for Mac

Huan Sensor for Mac helps keep your pets safe while you're away from home by monitoring their Huan Tags continuously, and relaying their real-time location status directly to your phone. 

Installing Huan Sensor

You can install Huan Sensor for Mac directly from the Mac App Store using this link:

Huan Sensor on the Mac App Store

Running Huan Sensor 

Make sure Bluetooth is enabled. Huan Sensor uses Bluetooth in order to detect Huan Tags.

Open the Applications Folder, and run Huan Sensor. Allow Location Access when prompted.


The Huan Sensor application lives inside the Mac Status Bar, and shows basic status messages such as Online status and number of Huan Tags detected.

Verifying Location Permissions

In case Huan Sensor reports an error acquiring the current location, please open your System Preferences app and make sure Huan Sensor has Location Permissions enabled by checking the box next to 'Huan Sensor' under Security & Privacy:


Preventing your Mac from sleeping 

When your Mac goes into energy saving mode (sleeping), it will disable Huan Tag scanning. In order to make sure the Huan Sensor app stays running, you can disable sleep mode even after the screen is turned off:

Open your Settings app, and go into Energy Saver. Make sure 'Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off' is checked.





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